Water Supply, Stormwater and Sanitation for 2 Palestinian Refugee Camps (Khan Dannoun & Khan Eshieh)

Project Sector: Major Developments
Syrian Arab Republic ,

Client:  UNRWA - Syria Field Office

Project Description:

The Project consisted of three phases.

Phase I: Feasibility Study and Preliminary Engineering Designs for Al-Kisweh & Artouz Wastewater Treatment Plants DB+O Contract, and Regional Water Supply Scheme (Sub-Projects 1,2 and 3), Review and verification of designs related to Khan Eshieh & Khan Dannoun Camps Infrastructure Works (Sub-Projects 4 and 5) as described bellow.

Sub-Project s1 & 2 DB+O Contract

This sub-project included study and evaluation of different alternative options for the treatment facilities that serve:

Khan Dannoun Camp, Al-Kisweh, Taibeh and any other community within the same catchment area.
Khan Eshieh Camp, Artouz, Drousheh and any other community within the same catchment’s area.

Sub-Project 3

This sub-Project included study and evaluation of different routes to transfer the water produced from Al Arneh and Altamasyat wells to supply Khan Dannoun and Khan Eshieh Camps and any other communities along the preferred route.

Sub-Projects 4 & 5

This included review, update and validation of  previous studies and designs for the infrastructure works including water distribution, wastewater collection, storm drainage and roads within the

camps’  areas.

Phase II: Detailed Engineering Design, Construction Drawings and Tender Documents related to Sub-Projects 1-5.

Phase III: Tendering, Construction Supervising for Sub-Projects 4 and 5 and Ad Hoc assistance related to Sub-Projects 1 - 3.

Software used included H2OMap, Hades, Flow master

This project  had a significant training component (both technical and administrative) which continued over a 4 year period

Services: Study, Design Treatment Plants & Pumping Station, Water Distribution & Wastewater Collection, roads and Storm water drainage;

EIA; Construction Supervision,