Water Resources Programme Phase II (WRP II)

Project Sector: Water Transmission Distribution
Palestine, , Beitlahem and Hebron Governorate

Client: USAID / Palestine Water Authority.

Funding Agency: USAID

Project Description:  WRPII was aimed at improving water supplies to the Palestinians in the Hebron, Nabulus, and Bethlehem Districts and to increase supplies by more ecient usage. The supplies provided only about 13 gallons per day per capita which was less than half the WHO’s minimum standard and in the seven villages there were no water distribution systems. The project consisted of designing and managing the construction of 11 production wells and 16 monitoring wells (with average depths of 800 meters), and over 100 km of transmission pipelines with associated storage and pumping facilities..

• Feasibility Study
• Hydro-geological Investigations
• Groundwater Modeling
• Project Management
• Training
• Design
• Construction Supervision
• Commissioning
• Environmental Impact Assessment
• Hebron Wastewater Monitoring Program