Al Khumra 2&3 Wastewater Treatment Plants Rehabilitation

Project Sector: Water Collection & disposal
Saudi Arabia , Jeddah

Client: National Water Company Jeddah City Business Unit.

Partner: Pöyry.

Project Description:   Al Khumrah WWTP has been in operation since the early 1980s initially as a surface-aerated, extended aeration, plant. It has been expanded in three phases and a fourth phase is due for commissioning in 2012.
Stage 1 units have come to the end of their life although on commencement of this project were still in operation. Serious deterioration of structures and M&E plant mean that the treatment quality is very poor. This project was to refurbish and upgrade items in Stages 2 and 3 of the STP. From earlier reports the focus was to be on the inlet facilities of automated screens and grit removal facilities which on both Stages were inoperable. Stage 2 being older and in worse condition required more extensive inspection and replacement of items to be specified including aeration units, lift pumps, screw pumps and electrical items and switch-gear.

Services:  Site Inspections, Data Reviews, Operational Record Reviews, Condition Assessment, Designs and Specifications for Upgrades, Contract documents.

Construction Cost: US$ 19.71 M