Prepare The Guidebook for Main Streets' Marks

Project Sector: Highways and Roads Design
Saudi Arabia , Jeddah

Client: Jeddah Municipality.

Project Description:  The Project outcome is to produce a one design guidebook that is applicable through Jeddah City’s routes system, in which Jeddah Municipality aims to develop and improve traffic safety to 14 main street through clearly defining the streets pathways, intersections and the street marks.
The project is divided into three stages:
  1. Revising the design criteria that belongs to the ministry of municipality and rural affairs
  2. Preparing the street marks design guidebook to be adhered to the updated international specifications
  3. and standards
  4. Presenting the main streets’ lanes marks sketches, for example but not limited to, Pedestrian crossings, buses marks, waiting and traffic calming, arrows and directions, white and yellow stripes. Traffic lights intersections, and the linear lines, studded roads screws, circles to the main hub streets in Jeddah City:
      • King Abduallah Street b. Falah Steert
      • Rawdah street d. Palestine Street
      • Sari Street f. King Abdul Aziz Street
      • Madinah Monawarah Street h. Kornesh Street
      • Prince Muteb Street j.Harra Street
      • Abdullah Suleiman Street l. Makaroneh Street
      • Ha’el Street n. Mekkah old Street

Services: Full Design service and tender documents.

Road Length: 170 km