Jeddah-Jazan Coastal Road Conversion to a highway

Project Sector: Highways and Roads Design
Saudi Arabia , Jeddah - Jazan

Client: Transportation ministry.

Project Description:  The project is about converting Jeddah, Jazan Coastal road into a highway in Aseer Area where the street extends to more than 210 Km and is divided to several stages and areas, mainly the completion of street and tunnel of Hasweh first stage and the supplementary work done to the eastern road in Hareed region, the intersections and connections Baq’a road and Adan Mountain and Al Khasheeh, the project includes the improvement of the current pathway and the execution of separated crossings besides the special protection of the highway.

Services: including architecture, structural, electro-mechanical and plumbing as well as site utilities and infrastructure services, as well as construction supervision services.

Road Length: 210 Km