ESIA for EBRD Brownfield: Category B Project

Project Sector: Energy effciency and renewable energy
Jordan, Al-Zarqa

Client  Water Authority of Jordan
Partners   MWH, Mahara (Social)

The study area included communities in Zarqa, Russeifa, Hashemiyyeh, and Sukhneh, all located northeast of Amman and downstream along the Zarqa River. Not all areas within the study are connected to a waste water collection system. Sukhneh is one such community in the study area, where individual residences/buildings dispose wastewater to individual cesspits. Periodically, the septage from the cesspits is emptied by privately owned tanker trucks and delivered to the Ain Ghazal Treatment Plant. The Project Size 480,000 Ha.

Reports and information provided by WAJ operators indicate that several segments of the collection system are overloaded during rain events, causing backup into streets, wadis and, in some rare cases, into residences. These wet weather problems are largely attributed to unauthorized storm drain connections from many buildings.

Storm water can also potentially enter the system through open manhole covers in flooded streets or wadis. In addition, lack of adequate routine preventive maintenance of sewers results in debris buildup in pipes that contributes to blockages and reduced capacity. This further contributes to the frequency of overflows from the system.

The project is divided into two stages:

Stage I includes:

Preparation of feasibility study,
Master plan
Preliminary engineering design
Preliminary environmental and  Social assessment.

Stage II includes options of:

Preparation the detailed ESIA
Detailed engineering design and tender