Marine Terminal at Um Qasr

Project Sector:
Iraq, Basra

Client : Basra Gas Company.

Project Description:
Preparing an Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) Study for the Rehabilitation of the Marine Terminal. Um Qasr marine terminal consists of two main jetties namely, the North jetty – berth and South jetty – berth 2. In addition to a service jetty located approximately 500m south of the two main jetties. The project will rehabilitate both the south and north jetties at Um Qasr marine terminal, therefore it is necessary to provide alternative means for the import of LPG and of Gasoline in order to continue to satisfy the domestic market. As for the service jetty, it’s considered to be unt to accommodate certain LPG vessels due to size therefore, it will be designed and constructed to be able to accommodate larger LPG vessels In addition to the planned rehabilitation works, dredging activities will also take place within Khor Al Zubayr (KAZ) canal in order to ensure the navigational channel in the area of approach to berths allow safe passage of vessels.

Services: Environmental Management Plan including detailed mitigation measures and monitoring requirements. As well as comprehensive Environmental Impact Assessment Study.