Marsa Zayed Outline Solid Waste Management Plan

Project Sector: Solid waste management
Jordan, Aqaba

Client  Al Maabar Aqaba Real Estate Development 

Project Description:

The Project comprises of several key components including high rise residential towers, villas and townhouses, retail, offices, luxury branded hotels, marinas, aquarium, cruise ship terminal canal and beach resort, schools, sports facilities, hospitals, car parks and supporting facilities with total built up area of over 6 million m2.

The proposed development site is located within an area of approximately 3.2 Mm2, along the water front of Aqaba, replacing the existing Aqaba main port scheduled for relocation into the South Industrial Zone over the next 5 years,

Given the large nature of the development, considerable amounts of solid waste are expected to be generated within the various project areas. For that purpose a Solid Waste Management Plan (SWMP) is required to provide a practical system to ensure that wastes generated during the operation and utilization of the project facilities when developed are handled, stored, reused (where possible), suitably treated and/or disposed of in an environmentally responsible manner.

Services :

Ensure Project’s compliance with ASEZA and the Jordanian laws

Minimize the potential to cause harm to human health, safety and the environment by preventing breeding vectors and sanitation and/or hygiene hazards through timely collection, and proper waste disposal.

Reduce nuisance created by odour.

Prevent visual amenity impacts.

Protect sensitive environmental areas.

Promote segregation and proper handling of waste

Recommend an economically responsible programme for solid waste management