PAPS Study For Attarat Power Plant Project

Project Sector:
Jordan, Attarat Um Ghudran

Client  International Corporation for Oil Shale Investment Ltd. (INCOSIN)

Project Description:

The Project will be carried out in a series of phases, beginning with strip mining using trucks and shovels, to processing by means of UTT 3000 (Galoter Process) retorting and final backfilling of the mined areas at the end of the mine’s life 38 years after commencement of the works.

The project will also involve the construction and operation of a number of supporting facilities, including warehouse, a laboratory, gas station, office building and workers’ accommodations.

The Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) is a major component of the Bankable Feasibility Study (BFS), which INCOSIN is preparing for the exploration, appraisal, and given success, the commercial exploitation of Oil Shale hydrocarbons and associated products. The EIA study will also be used to support the application for an environmental approval from MoE in line with the Jordanian EIA Regulation 37/2005.


Environmental Impact Assessment  (EIA)

Environmental Management Plan (EMP)