Provision of Waste Management

Project Sector: Solid waste management
Iraq, Basra

Client: Basra Gaz Company / Shell Gas Iraq

Project Description:

The Scope of this study includes but not limited to the identification of a waste management solution for Basrah Gas Company. The Scope can be divided into the following main tasks:

Task 1:  Inventory of Current Waste Streams (and Volumes) and Waste Management Practices.

       Waste Inventories – Desktop Assessment

       Review Existing Waste Management Practices

Task 2: Identify and Assess Waste Treatment / Disposal Options Currently Available

A review of the options currently available for the storage / treatment / disposal of waste shall be undertaken predominantly as a desktop exercise.

Task 3:  Identify Projected Waste Streams (and Volumes).The identification of future waste streams shall include:

       Waste type and stream.

       Quantity .

       Location / source of waste generated.

       Development of waste register.

Task 4:  Development of Waste Management Plan

       Waste Management Plan – Upgrade of Existing Facilities

       Waste Management Plan – Identification of Waste Management Options

       Waste Management Plan – Development of Waste Management Procedures for SGC/BGC Waste Management Facilities

Task 5:  Development of Training Material on Waste Management Practices.

Develop a training material to train in addition to the preparation of training material, training sessions shall also be provided for SGC/BGC staff.

Service :

Identify projected waste steams                      

Development of Waste Management Plan

Development of Training Material on Waste Management Practices