Semel Ibrahim Road Corridor

Project Sector: Environmental and social impact assessments
Iraq, Duhok

Client: Ministry of Housing and Construction.

Funding Agency: World Bank.

Project Description:Kurdistan Transport Corridor Project extends from Semel to Ibrahim Al Khalil with a length of 63 km and is divided into four sections:
1. Semel – Batil (segment 1 – 15 km long)
2. Batil – Gersheen (segment 2 – 8 km long)
3. Gersheen – Suhaila (segment 3 – 23-25 km long)
4. Suhaila – Ibrahim Al Khalil (segment 4 – 14 km long).
The segments 1 and 4 are currently under construction, Segment 2 is in the tendering phase and Segment 3 is under study and will be co- financed by the World Bank.

Service: Preparing Environmental and Social Impact Assessment Framework, and Resettlement Policy Framework.