Word from EMD

Word from EMD

I am proud of the new era for the AJ Group as a one-stop-shop, full service engineering and architecture company.

Our strong position in the marketplace is inspired by a GLOCAL mindset; Global in our standards of best practice, implementation processes and professional fabric, whilst being local in our knowledge and understanding of the Arabic-speaking world. Furthermore, we have the proven ability to partner with leading global firms in a specific field of expertise, seamlessly combining our talents to add the greatest value to our clients’ projects.

We consistently strive to deliver excellence in engineering and architecture, bound by our commitment to clients as well as rewarding our stakeholders through growth and sustainable returns. This ambition has been rewarded.

Today the AJ Group is a multimillion dollar revenue group from our turnover in buildings, planning, highways, water, environmental and hospital projects. A significant milestone in our half-century history was the honour of receiving the King Abdullah II Award for Excellence in 2004, Jordan’s highest recognition of quality development. 

The past years brought challenges to companies all over the world. Arabtech Jardaneh through dynamic & strategic focus overcame the challenges. Today through our 2014 - 2016 strategic plans, our projection is to continue our growth regionally by enhancing our position in existing markets and introducing our services to new ones.

Since 2010 Arabtech Jardaneh is witnessing the ranking among the top 200 International Design Firms by the renowned Engineers News Record (ENR) magazine.

We look to tomorrow as distinguished regional leaders in buildings, architecture and total infrastructure, focusing on sustainable solutions for both small and large communities across Central Asia, Middle East and North Africa (MENA).

The AJ Group is committed to its social responsibilities in the communities which it serves, and selected charities greatly benefit from our passionate support.

Hiring and maintaining the highest standard of talented professionals has always been a driving force in the Group. To ensure a continued tradition of service excellence we now offer our senior staff the incentive of becoming shareholders in the company. Employee-ownership is a proven method of encouraging loyalty and is respected by many clients as an honourable reward system, leading to service excellence and loyalty. 

Together with our Board of Members and Managing Directors, we look forward to the next phase of our growth, and to ongoing relationships with our valued clients and associates.


Bisher M Jardaneh, EMD

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