Project Sector: Water Collection & disposal
Jordan, Aqaba

Client : USAID/Aqaba Water Company 

Funding Agency: : USAID 

Project Description: 

This project is based on design-built-operate FIDIC contract (Gold book 2008 ,DBO) for the new expansion for Aqaba North Wastewater Treatment Plant based on activated sludge process. 
The key stakeholders are:  The Client is the USAID and Aqaba Water Company(AW), The Contractor is Arab Towers Contracting Company (ATCCO) and the Employer’s Representative is Arabtch Jardanah (AJ).

The Wastewater Treatment capacity for the Existing Aqaba Mechanical & Natural WWTP is 21,000 m³/day. The natural ponds will be decommissioned and cleaned so as to be emergency ponds for the treated effluent. The current flow received at the plant is around 17,000m³/day while the capacity of the mechanical WWTP is 12,000m³/day.

The Scope of work for the DBO contractor include:-
  • Design, construct and operate a new conventional activated sludge wastewater treatment plant with average design capacity of 28,000m³/day.
  • Clean the natural WWTP in order to be used asemergency ponds for treated effluent quantities.
  •  Rehabilitation the existing mechanical treatment plant.

The detailed components are:-

Investigate and do the required work to rehabilitate  the existing mechanical treatment plant.

Emptying,  drying and maintaining the existing natural ponds to be used for emergency.

Preliminary and detailed design & construction for North Aqaba WWTP including the associated wastewater sludge treatment facilities such as existing manholes, inlet parshall flume, septage unloading station, coarse screen, inlet pump station, fine screen, grit & grease removal unit, influent distribution chamber, primary sedimentation tank, primary pump station, anoxic tank distribution chamber, anoxic tank, oxidation ditch, secondary distribution chamber, secondary sedimentation tank, RAS & SAS pump stations, gas flare, disc filters, chlorine contact tank, effluent storage tank, service & potable water booster room, water tank, per-thickening tank, sludge mixing tank, digested sludge tank, anaerobic digesters, gas holder, dry sludge storage area, plant drainage pump station, blower building, diesel generator building, electrical building, chlorination building, sludge building, CHP units area, administration building, dewatering filtrate balancing tank, new manholes, odor control system (head work & sludge area), grit unit blowers, electrical rooms.  operation & maintenance of all facilities including the existing mechanical treatment plant for 5 years period.

AJ specific scope is related to prepare tender document for DBO including contractual part based on FIDIC Gold book 2008 and Employer requirements for all parts, Tender technical and Financial evaluations, design review and approval and construction supervision.   

Services :
• Review the detailed process design.
• Review the detailed hydraulic profile calculations.
• Review the electromechanical design.
• Review the structural design.
• Review all external works.
• Site inspection.
• Review all contractor submittals.
• Construction supervision services
• Home office support 
• Tender Documents preparation based on FIDIC Gold book