Word from AJ Group Executive Managing Director


I reflect on Arabtech Jardaneh’s growth through five decades with a great sense of achievement.  From two small, forward-looking companies which merged in 1992 we have evolved into the regional, multi-disciplinary AJ Group of today. We now look to the future, fired with the passion to continue on our path of development and growth. We are steadily extending our services to a growing client base across the Middle East and into Central Asia and North Africa.  

For more than 50 years we have served the communities in which we live and work; we have planned and designed the “built community”...  the homes, offices and commercial facilities on which our communities are based ... and provided sustainable infrastructure and healthcare facilities. I am pleased to present AJ Group as a “community-serving” organisation with six sectors of expertise. To support the community utilities, community mobility and community healthcare sectors, our community solutions sector, which began with initiatives for the creation and management of major Jordanian and regional projects, now offers creative ideas and asset-focused solutions to help our clients meet the changing needs of the region we serve. Our sustainable community sector underpins everything we do by aiming to ensure we deliver long-term solutions that consider the wider global need for sustainability – protecting the environment of our planet for future generations.
The first decade of the 21st century brought global and regional changes to our political and economic landscape which few anticipated.  I believe that we are entering a new era of political transparency and efficiency which is both inevitable and critical to our region’s future, as we move from a largely public sector-controlled society to a community-based region with growing investment and involvement from the private sector. In these difficult times we have built on AJ Group’s founders’ traditional values of quality and integrity, and have adopted a progressive approach to help our clients adapt to change and meet their new demands for quality and efficiency.  
To best meet the needs of our clients today we have structured our organisation into two parts: one focused on client understanding and service (under the leadership of Hamzeh Awwad) and the other  focused on project delivery and quality (under the leadership of Hisham Abdul Malek). Overall governance is provided by our Board (shown opposite) which includes our Managing Directors, members of our founding families, shareholders and (since the beginning of 2012) our first independent director, David Nickols.  I acknowledge and appreciate the vision, creativity and inspiration which David has brought to our Board and our senior management team. 
Over five decades Arabtech Jardaneh has proved itself to be a company of ethical staff all working to help our region. I encourage our AJ family members to participate actively in the communities in which they live and I give personal support to initiatives which encourage a caring society, to participation in culture and the arts, and to those charities which can make a difference to deserving communities in our region.