AJ Group Quality Core


With over 850 + professionals working in more than seven countries.
Our employees are the pride of the AJ Group and the backbone of our glocal vision – to take global standards and deliver them with local experience and consideration. This is why we only hire professionals who not only shine in their fields, but also share our company values to be:
  • Inspired
  • Entrusted
  • Bound
  • Instrumental
Inspired to go further
At AJ Group we encourage our professionals to have vision, valuing and nurturing extraordinary qualities and creativity. This comes out in our competitive desire to grow as leaders in our fields, for the group and as individuals.
Entrusted with the future
We believe in being responsible and accountable – to each other, our business partners, the community and the environment. In each step of every project we remain committed to delivering the most beneficial and successful outcomes.
Bounded by relationships
Commitment is valuable to us. We strive to cement strong business and working relationships built on respect, caring and mutual trust. To that end, we maintain globally expected levels of transparency in everything we do.
Instrumental in progress
At AJ Group, we pride ourselves on being efficient and performance oriented. Our professionals respond by being responsible to those whose lives we touch, striving for excellence and pushing for innovation on every project.
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