The AJ Group


The AJ Group is one of the leading engineering, architecture and total infrastructure consultancy services provider in the Central Asia, Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region. Advancing global quality capabilities through highly qualified professionals and the latest technology, we offer expertise in engineering, architecture, hospital planning and water, wastewater and environment via our four subsidiary companies:
  • Arabtech Jardaneh Engineers & Architects
  • Arabtech Jardaneh International  
  • Arabtech Jardaneh Palestine
  • Healthcare Designers and Project Managers (HDP)
A Heritage of Excellence
  • 1961: Mohammed Abdul Rahim Jardaneh started his mechanical engineering consultancy in Amman, Jordan.
  • 1964: Mohammed Abdul Rahim Jardaneh & Partners (MAR Jardaneh) was formed. The firm quickly expanded to include architectural, civil, structural and electrical engineering, roads design and supervision services, forming strong alliances with offices in the UAE and UK.
  • 1966: Ibrahim Abu Ayyash and Tal’at Kwalit founded Amman-based architectural and engineering firm, Arabtech Consulting Engineers. The thriving business provided a combination of planning, design and project realisation to clients in Jordan and the wider Middle East.
  • 1992: MAR Jardaneh and Arabtech Consulting Engineers merged forming AJ Engineers & Architects, the cornerstone of the Arabtech Jardaneh Group.
  • 1998: Arabtech Jardaneh Palestine became part of the Group, previously a private shareholding company owned by Babel Engineering and AJ Engineers & Architects.
  • 2002: Arabtech Jardaneh International joined the group, formerly Arab Consult.
  • 2010: The AJ Group purchased MWH's share in MWHAJ, and it became part of the group.  
Building on this heritage, Arabtech Jardaneh continues to recruit leading consultants from the Arab world and International Experts from abroad, across all levels and companies within the Group.
Our ambitious future plans focus on becoming the leading one-stop-shop architecture and engineering consultancy, both regionally and beyond.
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