Corporate Social Responsibility


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Corporate Social Responsibility is a major focus for Arabtech Jardaneh, it allows us to create an impactful model to be emulated elsewhere, by members of our team and the communities we service. We strive to emphasize our philosophy of being entrusted by our stakeholders by taking actions that empower our community, and taking responsibility for our surrounding environment.

By empowering our community and taking responsibility for our surrounding environment, we emphasize our philosophy of being entrusted by our stakeholders.

Arabtech Jardaneh Young Leader Scholarship

The Arabtech Jardaneh Young Leader Scholarship (AJ-YLS) programme nominates rising leaders within small (Jordanian engineering and architecture) consultancy firms to take part of the FIDIC Young Professional Management Training Programme (YPMTP).

YPMTP is a seven-month on-line management training programme for young professionals and potential managers. Participants of the programme are exposed to an intense training curriculum to help prepare them to becoming the future leaders within the engineering consultancy industry.

Arabtech Jardaneh Group CSR Initiatives:

We divide our responsibilities into three areas:

Corporate Social Responsibility

We are committed to creating more opportunities for those in need by supporting a range of projects, organisations and charities. These include TaawonTkiyet Um Ali Madrasati Palestine Project , the INJAZ Job Shadowing Program (JSP) and the Arab Orphans Committee where we administer three university scholarships for Jordanian orphans.

Corporate Technical Responsibility

We encourage our senior engineers to play an active role in the decision making of Jordan’s engineering industry. Some of our group’s senior management and board members have held leadership positions at the Jordan Engineers Association (JEA). Our team members continuously serve on committees and technical bodies that play a crucial role in formulating the country’s engineering codes and specifications.

Corporate Business-Support Responsibility

By leveraging their international expertise and experience, members of the Group’s senior management are firmly committed to promoting local business interests. Important past and present roles include:

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