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The Arabtech Jardaneh Project Development Management is one of the AJ Group’s most exciting and value-added services. Established to manage private investor interests in Jordan. It enables our clients to profit from a double-edged offering of engineering services and local business expertise.
Across a range of government, private sector and donor-funded projects, we provide bespoke technical assistance and in-depth advice. Our valuable insights can prove vital in streamlining complex projects, particularly those involving:
  • Public-private partnerships
  • Privatization
  • Competitiveness
  • Institutional development
Comprehensive Service, Specialized Talent
AJ provides a multidisciplinary team of experts combining top academic qualifications and hands-on experience. This extends from direct public sector consulting to regional government, donor and private sector funded projects. To provide the specialist knowledge required to give our clients a highly dependable, professional service, the team boasts in-depth technical training in:
  • Public sector reform
  • Capacity building
  • Social development
  • Economic analysis
  • Policy formulation
  • Change management
Operationally, The Project Development Management focuses on two core areas:
1. Transaction advisory and project development
We deliver complete services within Public Private Partnerships (PPPs) and Program Management:
To facilitate more productive and streamlined developments in Jordan and the region, we provide transaction advice to the public and private sector on PPPs and Private Finance Initiatives (PFIs). We offer in-depth specialized advice on regional development and grant acquisition, and have the expertise to both scope and develop the project – from implementing the procurement process to advice on outsourcing to the most competent players.
Program Management
Our holistic management service includes strategic and procurement planning, business case development and expert advice on regulatory matters, including compliance reviews. After facilitating all planning and decision-making activities, we translate the project into a quantified set of: cost, schedule, technical and benefit baselines which we manage throughout the project.
2. Governance modeling and setup
AJ delivers hands-on consulting and implementation services in public sector reform, including policy development, strategic analysis, governance and IT and automation. We can also provide highly effective excellence models, monitoring and evaluation.
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