28 July 2022


Given the scarcity of the water resources in Jordan, we as a leading engineering consultant in the water sector, are always dedicated to play a significant part in the development of Water & Wastewater systems in the region which are essential for sustainability and resilience.

Arabtech Jardaneh Group in partnership with CDM Smith, were awarded by the USAID to provide the engineering consulting services; for the review of detailed designs, and the construction supervision for the new expansion of North Aqaba Wastewater Treatment Plant (WWTP).

The existing WWTP, which is a conventional treatment plant based on activated sludge process, has an average capacity of 12,000 m3. The works undertaken by AJ Group/CDM Smith will increase the capacity of the treatment facility up to 40,000m3/day. The new facility will in term serve 150,000 people in the Aqaba Governorate and will accommodate the sanitation needs of growing population in the city.

The essence of the project is to ensure the safe access to safely-managed sanitation services, decreasing the chances of the contamination of water resources, and protecting the public health and the environment. The Treated effluent will serve as an alternative source for the purpose of irrigation of public green spaces. Moreover, increasing the amount of surface and ground water available for residents to drink and use in their homes.